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“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is FLY.”

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About us

Train Aviation

We are the first Romanian business aviation agency for corporate flight attendants, founded in 2015, that is offering professional training sessions without any requirements of previous aviation experience.

As the first Business Aviation training company in Romania, our team has the most experience in aviation, helping future corporate flight attendants land jobs in this exclusive field.

Why Choose Us

Benefits of our Training

Travel the world for free

Flight attendants get to travel as part of their job, as well as exploring new places during layovers.

High salary & bonus

The average flight attendant makes €30,000 per year, but this number varies depending on the airline and experience.

Employee Benefits

Flight attendants also receive benefits or saving plans. This benefit helps employees plan and budget for the future.

Flexible Schedule

Flight attendants have flexible scheduling. This allows more time for travel, family or personal interests.

Excellent advantages

When traveling overnight for work, hotel accomodation stays are free for crew members.

Coolest job in the world

Another great perk of being a flight attendant is meeting new, interesting people daily.

Special offer

Get you EASA Cabin Crew Attestation in 6 days and join any airline in Europe!

Join us today and we will help you become a Cabin Crew in the shortest time!

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