First of all, why are you afraid?
The plane is the safest means of transport. And the fastest. If you don’t travel by plane, you can’t enjoy a sunrise and a sunset above the clouds.

I spent 30 years of my life above the clouds. Fearless. For me it was the most natural thing to do. Is exactly the way you go to the office every day. I’ve always thought that if something happens, it can happen anywhere. You can walk on the street and something might fall on your head, or you can drive and have an accident. So, my advise is to fly! Trust me, is better to enjoy all the cool sensations related with flying, instead of thinking that something terrible will happen. 

The feelings, the view….these are priceless.  I have always been fascinated by clouds. I realised flying for so many years, that always, after long moments of thunderstorm, the sun is rising. And that is the most beautiful moment of all. So I urge you to fly without fear, because it’s a fascinating world up there!I give you some tips, so that you can relax before and during the flight. Don’t try to drink alcohol before the trip to gain courage. The alcohol dehydrates you, and then you will need to drink many fluids. Better relax, enjoy duty free shops, look at airplanes, be happy you can travel.

Take with you a book, a magazine, something to read that can keep your thoughts away from the flight. If you are scared of taking off, I advise you not to look out the window, you better take an aisle seat or a middle seat. And when it’s time for the plane to take off, close your eyes and visualise the final destination, the places you’ll visit soon, the people you’ll meet.

After takeoff, watch a movie or read a good book. I always have a book with me when I travel as a tourist, it’s a time I fully enjoy. Have a conversation with those around you, rejoice that you are there.Do not abuse of alcohol during the flight, as I told you, it will dehydrates you and it will make you feel dizzy. Drink a lot of water, it will helps you.  

I recommend to  use chewing gum, especially during take-off and landing. It helps to reduce the pressure you feel in your ears.Take pictures. If you don’t have the courage to approach the plane’s windows, take pictures of people around you, your friends that you are traveling with. You will have a lot of fun afterwards, when you will see how tense you were because of this fear.

Don’t be afraid if the plane encounters areas of turbulence, the pilots know very well what they are doing, the flight attendants are there to assist you with anything. The planes are more and more sophisticated, equipped with the latest technology that can detect  the areas to be avoided.Relax. It is a precious time that you can spend meditating or enjoying life.You can plan your next vacation, without being afraid of the flight anymore.

I wish you, as the captain of the plane always says, sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

Clear sky!

Altitude Magazine,