The key to success when applying for a corporate flight attendant job is how you prepare yourself for the interview.

Before going to an interview, Google the name of the company and research of the company you want to work for. Find out the airline slogan, know their fleet, the types of airplanes operated and their bases, or any other insights that you think that are useful. Every company has a distinctive profile and personality, a specific type of operation. Be aware of all these aspects before presenting yourself in front of the recruiters. Pay attention to the job description and the requirements of the company, as well as the skills they are seeking. Make sure that you fulfill all of these. I recommend also to determine if the company suits your location and individual needs. Beyond this, a genuine pleasure for taking care of people is essential. 

The interview process consists from  a phone interview or a  Skype interview, followed by  a face to face interview.

If you will pass the first 2 stages and you will be admitted for the face to face interview, you have to be prepared for some practical stages. That means that you will be undergo a practical assessment with a recruiter. You will be answering to some questions regarding business aviation rules, but the meaning part of a typical Cabin Attendant job interview is to demonstrate an actual meal service, to observe your service skills.   Sometimes you can be asked to do a caviar platting, to fill up some catering orders, to choose a menu for a future flight,  or to do a table set up. Depending on the airline, you can have other tasks to solve, such to open a bottle of champagne or even to mention some types of champagne. Keep in mind that you only have one shot to impress this recruiter.

If you will pass these two phases, the next step are the trial flights. You will find yourself in the plane, doing exactly what a Corporate Flight Attendant is doing in a normal day. Some companies are willing to “train” you as an intern so you can gain some practical skills of the job. Most of the companies are asking for a Silver Service Certificate, prior to getting hired. If you don’t have such a certificate, we can help you get one by attending our next VIP Corporate Flight Attendant Training.

Job qualifications land interviews, but your LETTER of Intent and CV/Resume combined with personal skills land the job! Your resume is all about you, your studies, work experience, skills. The letter of intent is about why you are a very good fit for their company and that you took the time to learn all about them. Is about what they want and what you can offer. It shows them that you are a person seriously interested in working for that company! We can help you to be accepted for this job by writing on your behalf a professional CV and Letter of Intent to impress.

  When you try to obtain your dream job as a corporate flight attendant, the way you conduct yourself during this process is just as important as the clothing you choose. The business attire you choose to wear, the way you mingle with all the others or the way you can relate to the meeting participants and how you answer to their questions is always remembered. In order to succeed, you must present yourself exactly how you want others to remember you.

  Your attitude plays a big role in having a successful interview. Your behaviour, personality and even punctuality are all essential for your success. You never know who’s watching! Don’t be discouraged if this interview did not work out, try to keep a positive attitude and tell to yourself that life it is preparing you for something better on your way to success.


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