2021 Together We Rise!

Workforce Development with Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA)

Twenty-eight years and counting! From the first meeting at the International Women in Aviation conference in the early 1990s, Women in Corporate Aviation has established itself as one of the most prominent and long-standing organizations supporting women in aviation today. 

Since then, due to our committed members, volunteers, donors, and sponsors, we have spread our wings across the US and Europe educating, inspiring, and inviting women and men to work in corporate aviation. Based on the experience and strong commitment of our members, we can now guide, motivate, and mentor other people.

WCA is standing today stronger and continuing to build bridges for people willing to learn and grow in this amazing field, to promote business aviation careers through information sharing about the variety of positions in the corporate aviation sector, and to enable our members with the keys to success and professional development.

As an organization of women reaching out to other women, each a professional in her own right but isolated and oftentimes the “only” or “first,” WCA members have connected, donated funds for scholarships to support each other, and run events to meet and encourage not only each other, but subsequently others from commercial, military, and university backgrounds who sought to learn and grow in this amazing field. 

With the ongoing support of NBAA and EBAA, WCA exhibits at multiple events and reaches more women letting them know that there is support for them in this industry. From BACE and EBACE to Schedulers & Dispatchers, the Maintenance Conference, Flight Attendants/Flight Engineers, and Women in Aviation, NBAA has led the way for WCA to earn industry recognition and support. Today, with over $850,000 worth of scholarships awarded through the generous support of our members, sponsors, and donors we are continuing to make an impact and raise the bar. Workforce development is key to our purpose. “The impact of this program is beyond calculation,” says WCA President Laura Scanlan. 

These scholarships help shape and change lives. Through scholarships, our mentoring programs, and networking events, we welcome diversity and provide a path for inclusivity in our workforce. 

In a year no one anticipated, and none of us will ever forget, we find it no coincidence that 2020 was a good year for us to grow. We expanded our internet presence by creating a YouTube channel (thanks to our student members!), we embraced Zoom for all our meetings, and networking events. We started a series of workshops with different themes from aviation, to help our members meet aviation professionals, and to stay in touch with our longstanding colleagues and friends all over the world. 

This November WCA professionals will be speaking at Auburn University, engaging students, professors, and other industry experts during their three-day Auburn University Business Aviation Days program. Student outreach begins by showing up. WCA will host a breakfast for female students in the program and be onsite to network with all students. We will also host roundtable discussions on working with the maintenance teams, safety programs in business aviation, and security aspects of our industry with emphasis on the added awareness for diversity and inclusivity. NBAA and the Alabama NBAA regional group, company sponsors, and aircraft owners will be joining the effort to raise awareness on careers in our industry.

As we gather for NBAA’s 2021 BACE, whether we do so in person or virtually, WCA members will keep rising on the wings of our passion to serve and our call to fly. Through our annual meeting and record-breaking scholarship presentation, we will do our part to ensure those who follow will succeed. 

Rucsandra Mihai

VicePresident WCA

Founder of Train Aviation

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