AirCrew Connect on behalf of one Middle Eastern client, they are looking for the following candidate.

Position: Cabin Crew
Contract Location: UAE
Salary: Salary and Benefits that are Competitive Package

You will be expected to provide the highest level of customer service and safety on board, while also contributing to consistent service excellence.
You will be responsible for managing all aspects of Cabin Management, from menu planning to organizing and delivering professional and bespoke on-board service.
• Worldwide operations – unlimited passport necessary 
• Previous experience essential, corporate and VIP flying expertise will be helpful
 • Fluency in multiple languages preferable 
• Available on short notice 
• References sought 
• Relocation to UAE preferred
Other domiciles with adequate international air connections may be accessible on a case-by-case basis.
Please send your documents, including your CV and photos, for faster processing.–classic–cabin-crew—uae

Best of luck!



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