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Flypeople and Train Aviation are pleased to announce that they have a partnership agreement for delivering EASA Cabin Crew Attestation Training in Romania. TRAIN AVIATION is the only company that delivers EASA Cabin Crew Attestation training in Romania, in 6 days! We are exclusive partners with Legend Airlines, a new start up Romanian operator, which will operates charter and ACMI flights worldwide. Through Train Aviation you can easily land a job as a flight attendant for Legend Airlines, once you get your EASA Attestation with us and you will pass the interview with this airline.

The Cabin Crew Attendant training is a 6 day course, consisting of 8 modules. The course has been compressed into 4 days by way of a pre-course workbook. The course is suitable for anyone who is aged 18 and over and is fluent in written and spoken English. This course aims to familiarize candidates with the aviation environment and to acquire knowledge and basic proficiency required to perform the duties of a Cabin Crew member. Once you complete the course, you will receive a EASA Cabin Crew Attestation and you are ready for airline applications. The Attestation is valid for five years. On joining an airline, the holder of an Attestation must then complete a conversion training to cover any airline specific procedures and also conversion to the specifics of their allocated aircraft type(s).

Course Objectives


Daily Plan - EASA Cabin Crew Training

Standard Operating Procedures & General Fitness to Fly & Flight Time Limitations
Survival Training & Wet Drills Dangerous Goods
Safety & Emergency Procedures Overview Passenger Handling Aviation Security
Fire & Smoke Training Practical Fire Fighting - Fire Station Aviation First Aid Part 1
Aviation First Aid Part 2
Crew Resource Management

Become a Flight Attendant

Course Location