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Corporate Etiquette and Silver Service for flight attendants

Are you looking for new challenges, getting ready for a new professional venture, or do you just want to improve yourself at your current job?
In this case, you have clicked on the right button.

We have a 2 day VIP Corporate Flight Attendant course that has been developed so you can gain all the knowledge you need in order to make the switch from commercial to corporate aviation. This is a hands-on training program that suits the needs of advanced cabin crew members, as well as for students with little to no flying experience in the aviation industry.

This course focuses on the important aspects and responsibilities of working onboard a corporate jet, the role, skills, tools and resources needed. It delivers complete practical training advice on entering the corporate aviation industry and covers all the requirements of the profession. It includes all information that you need, starting from when you receive the call for the flight up, until after the flight has finished, a special module on catering orders, the protocol for different cultures, the art of Silver Service, and a formal dining etiquette together with fine dining plating techniques.

This intensive course would give you the knowledge to perform as a corporate flight attendant, a personal butler, a VIP lounge or FBO hostess, a steward on VIP yachts, or any other jobs in the luxury field.


The course is divided into 4 modules including the following:


Delivered based on the idea of “art on a plate”, each day of training discover new challenges, commitment from all our students, creativity, fun and patience to learn new things in a very interactive environment. You will learn also about ideas to impress and constantly exceed your guests expectations. This training helps you to achieve the high flying standards required for business aviation world, and to discover the right key skills which will aid you to be successful in this challenging industry called private aviation.

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