1 on 1 Coaching Session

Specially designed for anyone who wants to join commercial or private aviation and need s to build up their confidence in applying for the job or they already have an scheduled interview.

Do you already have a scheduled interview and can not overcome your fears? Trust us to make you trust in yourself.
Our team is here for you to help you overcome the fear of an interview, or of failure.
What will you gain? Confidence in your skills, understanding of the mind set of a recruiter, tips and trick on how to answer on topic, how to project a positive body language, what to wear, etc.

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Our team will teach you how to research the information needed to walk confident into any interview as an informed Corporate Flight Attendant candidate.

Our knowledge

Our passion for excellency and in our versatility to understand each client and to make them have an unforgettable experience.

Our values

You simply won’t find another training and recruitment aviation company that can match our value proposition.

Our flying experience

Over 35.000 flying hours 100 countries visited.

Our motivation

To make well trained, confident and professional flight attendants.

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